Technology has vastly influenced critical aspects of human life, including health. Today, hospitals are held to extremely high standards. As such, most hospitals today employ cutting-edge healthcare technologies to try and improve the patient experience in these facilities. Considering that technological advances can be vast, three aspects of technology are widely employed in modern-day hospitals. These include:

Electronic Records

Health records play an invaluable role in service delivery. As such, modern-day health facilities employ electronic health record systems. These systems are not only used in record keeping, but they also allow seamless sharing of patient data across departments between different healthcare providers.


Robotics presence in the healthcare industry has been significant in the last decade. In recent years, medical robots have been vital, especially in surgical operations. The da Vinci Surgical System, for instance, has been integral in administering minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Diagnostic Technologies

Medical facilities are fast turning to diagnostic technologies, especially when managing life-threatening conditions. Wearables, for instance, provide caregivers with invaluable data on a patient’s health status. The more quickly and accurately a patient’s condition is diagnosed, the higher the chances of a positive outcome.